by Barbara DeFranco


Just because infrequently it’s good to hear certain things in this mad world, we’re pleased to news comedian Kevin Hart has place a bunch of income into the city where he was raised

I’ll be honest: we haven’t even seen his stand-up. I’ve been definition to DVR it, but I’m all corroborated adult on Top Chef and Peg + Cat (I have a 10-month ancient). we know a LOT of people reckon he is waggish and he is hugely successful. He did have an amusing stage with associate comedian Aziz Ansari in This is The End, but we can’t say we am a fan … yetI am, but, a huge fan of do-gooders so when Hart announced around Twitter:

My initial thought was cynical, of course. Ugh. Why announce it? Why not sensitively present a garland of income and let the help itself offer as the self-evident pat on the back? But then we thought: this is 2013. All announces all all the time because of amicable media.

It’s cool, Kev. Thanks for vouchsafing us know that you are holding $250,000 of your gain and donating that to the learn districts in Philadelphia to help buy new computers. In these times of Chris Auburn‘s most new arrest, Julianne Hough‘s blackface, and just soooo most stating on luminary disadvantage (we’re guilty of it), it’s just good to review something certain about a luminary once in awhile.

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